Route Planning & Optimization

Using route planning software, businesses can save time and fuel by planning their routes more efficiently.

Route optimization in a matter of seconds

Enter your customer list, copy and paste it, or upload it. Choose the number of drivers and hit “optimize route”. Within a few seconds, you will have an optimized route for yourself - or for every team member. Large fleet route optimization works just as quickly as small fleet route optimization.

You can dispatch and sync information to your drivers' Apple or Android devices

Using Route4Me Route Planner, routes can be dispatched to mobile apps in a matter of seconds. You can synchronize all of your routes and customer addresses in real-time with Route4Me Route Planner, which includes features like written notes and photos, sign-on-glass verification, and route progress.

Add pictures, videos, notes, and track the progress of your route!

As soon as a driver checks-in or checks-out, their arrival and departure times (ETAs) are updated accordingly, and they are able to see all notes, media, and instantly track all progress.

SMS or email ETA alerts can be sent automatically to customers

Streamline customer service, provide proof-of-delivery notifications, and provide great customer service to your customers by giving them an "Lyft-like" experience and reducing costly customer service phone calls. The customer no longer needs to call and ask "where is my driver?"