Keyless Solutions

Get drivers and fleets into the future with a remote key solution.

The process

In addition to granting specific drivers access to certain vehicles, the manager has full control over the fleet. Limiting the hours and days during which drivers can access the vehicle. Geotab keyless can be integrated into your own software, API’s, or Dynasty Communications software partners. Theft or misuse of your vehicles can be prevented with real-time tracking and remote management.

Discover new insights

A keyless solution offers more than convenience; it also provides key insights to help you manage and plan your fleet. By analyzing data about drivers and vehicles, you can determine the right size for your fleet in order to maximize its efficiency and profitability. By switching to keyless technology, your fleet will be more efficient and profitable. You can enhance profitability and convenience by switching to keyless.

Make driving easier for drivers

Fleet managers are able to assist their drivers more easily with Geotab's keyless system. Your vehicle can be locked or unlocked by simply pressing a button. Mobile coverage is not limited in areas where there is limited cell coverage. When driving in crowded areas, you can locate your fleet using the horn. Discover the benefits of keyless solutions with Dynasty Communications.