Geotab Telematics - Vehicle Tracking Device

Most Efficient Tracking with Geotab GO9 & GO9+

Experience the bunch of vehicle tracking solutions customized for your fleet with Geotab telematics. The Geotab GO9 and GO9+ devices epitomize a cluster of innovations, showcasing the most robust and powerful tracking capabilities ever engineered by the company. Whether you operate a small or large fleet, these cutting-edge devices redefine tracking technology, providing insights and performance to optimize your fleet operations.

Revolutionary Redesign for Optimal Performance

Our GO platform has undergone a complete service, now equipped with a 32-bit processor, increased RAM, and an integrated gyroscope. This redesign ensures unparalleled tracking precision and responsiveness for your fleet's needs.

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Revolutionary Redesign for Optimal Performance

Our GO platform has undergone a complete service, now equipped with a 32-bit processor, increased RAM, and an integrated gyroscope. This redesign ensures unparalleled tracking precision and responsiveness for your fleet's needs.

Enhanced Capabilities for Modern Fleets

The Geotab GPS-enabled GO9 series transcends traditional tracking devices. Beyond its GPS functionality, it champions improved fuel efficiency and seamless integration for electric vehicles. Whether your focus is on optimizing fuel consumption or integrating electric vehicles into your fleet strategy, the GO9, equipped with Geotab GPS technology, is precisely engineered to meet the diverse demands of modern fleets.

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Fleet Vehicle GeoTab Tracking & Data Collection

With the Geotab GO9 and GO9+, expect an unmatched level of fleet vehicle tracking. Enjoy real-time monitoring, precise data collection, and comprehensive insights into your fleet's operations that are unmatched in the industry.

Upgrade your fleet tracking experience with the Geotab GO9 series and unlock a new level of precision, efficiency, and performance.

Reach out today to schedule a demonstration and discover how the Geotab GO9 series can elevate your fleet's tracking capabilities to new heights!

Engineered for Unwavering Dependability

The Geotab device, specifically the GO9, stands resolute against extreme conditions. Its sturdy construction guarantees unwavering resilience in the most challenging environments, establishing it as the go-to choice for industries that demand both durability and high performance from their Geotab devices.

Fleet Vehicle GeoTab Tracking & Data Collection

Rated IP68 and IP69K, the Geotab GO9 complies with international standards for protection against solids, dust, contact, and water intrusion, much like the standard GO9. This superior level of protection ensures that your fleet's tracking device remains operational, regardless of the environment it operates.

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Customized for Demanding Fleet Environments

Whether your fleet comprises heavy machinery, farm equipment, or powered trailers, the Geotab GO9+ is engineered to endure and deliver consistent performance, providing you with reliable geotab tracking capabilities in any setting.

Geotab GO9 Rugged With Robust GPS Tracking for Demanding Environments

GO9 Rugged is the ultimate Geotab GPS tracking device engineered to thrive in the face of harsh conditions and external installations. Built with durability and reliability in mind, this ruggedized telematics device is specifically crafted for fleets comprising heavy equipment, yellow iron, farm machinery, powered trailers, and more.

Harness Options for Your Fleet at Dynasty Communications

Empower your fleet with cutting-edge harness solutions offered by Dynasty Communications. Our range of harnesses accommodates various dash cameras and telematics devices like Surfsight and Geotab while ensuring the accessibility of a free diagnostic port.


Precision Connectivity - Harness Solutions

Choose from a diverse selection of harnesses customized to precisely meet the needs of your fleet's Geotab telematics systems. Our range has options that integrate with various dash cameras and telematics devices, ensuring hassle-free connectivity without compromising the availability of crucial diagnostic ports.


Enhanced Connectivity

Ensure uninterrupted communication between your devices by utilizing our harnesses designed for optimal connectivity. Experience streamlined data flow and robust connections that facilitate efficient data transmission and device synchronization.


Preserve Diagnostic Ports

Dynasty Communications’ solutions prioritize maintaining free diagnostic ports, allowing you to access critical diagnostic information without interference. This unique feature ensures that your maintenance procedures remain unaffected and efficient.


Customized Solutions

Our team at Dynasty Communications understands that every fleet has distinct requirements. That's why we offer customized harness solutions tailored to your fleet's specific needs.

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Maximize Fleet Efficiency

With our top-notch harnesses, we improve overall fleet efficiency by seamlessly integrating dash cameras and telematics devices. Enjoy enhanced monitoring, improved data collection, and streamlined operations, ultimately leading to cost savings and optimized performance.


Explore Our Range Today

Don't let connectivity constraints hold your fleet back. Explore our diverse range of harness options designed to elevate your fleet's capabilities.

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