Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment Tool

Get the right electric vehicle for your company today.

What is the process?

Determine which units are best suited for a swap based on your fleet's driving data, patterns, and behaviors. Assessments take into account factors such as EV availability in your area, local climates, fleet demands, and financial factors. Get recommendations on specific models and makes. Revolutionize your fleet today by taking advantage of the exhaustive EV test.

Safeguarding EV range

You can rest easy knowing that the EVSA provides reliable range capabilities. A major concern with electric vehicles is the ambiguity associated with their range. Depending on the location, conditions, make and model of your vehicle, you can rely on their range capacity. Having a detailed description gives you the advantage of knowing what you are buying and allowing you to make the right decision.

Implications for the environment

You will be able to visualize the differences between ICVs and EVs with in-depth reports. Find out what advantages EVs have. Assess the carbon footprint of the fleet and manage it. As a result of learning key environmental metrics and potential fuel savings, you and your organization will be able to make informed decisions.