Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Dynasty Communications lets you keep track of all of your electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles.

EV Support

In terms of EV fleet management, Dynast Communications does it all. With coverage for cars, trucks, buses in any make or model, we have the knowledge you need. In order to access essential EV data, Geotab works directly with manufacturers so you can have the crucial data you need. Electric vehicles are not the same as internal combustion vehicles (ICV) so the data is not the same.

An easy way to manage

Easily view current battery charges, charging status, locations, and more from a dashboard designed for users. Flexible mapping allows managers to identify the status of electric vehicles, so they can guide the closest vehicle with enough charge to the next job. Maximize the performance of your organization by identifying which drivers are charging at the moment.

Stay on top of your fleet's charging status

Your fleet and their charging can be monitored from anywhere. Get extensive charging history, including when, where, and for how long they charged. Using notification options, you can resolve problems before they arise. In order to maximize fleet efficiency, alert drivers when their charging is low. In order to avoid high costs, institute no charging times during peak hours.