Analyze your fleet in comparison to your competition. Benchmarking reports can elevate your organization.


Benchmarking with Dynasty Communications

Benchmarking your fleet can help you make the most of your data. Data on key metrics about drivers in your fleet can be compiled easily. Identify how your drivers are performing by comparing idling times and speeding to other fleets. Encourage compliance by setting unique goals for drivers or fleets. Make your organization's drivers compete to be safest and most efficient by using gamification.

Get the most out of benchmarking

Make informed decisions based on insightful data. The size of the fleet, its composition, geography, and driving patterns can all be compared against similar fleets. As an example, you could compare your fleet with those in your local area if you live in a town in the Southeast. You would need to avoid benchmarking your data against a Seattle fleet if you want your data to be accurate.


Data visualization

Benchmarking is easy with Dynasty Communications. Users can take control of their data with Geotab's open dashboard. To analyze the operations of your fleet and drivers, you can easily create and manage graphs. Metrics such as idling, fuel consumption, and fuel usage can be analyzed. Over 3 million devices are in use today, making benchmarking a useful tool for improving productivity. Dynasty Communications benchmarking can help you turn your data into actionable information.