Track Assets: The Smart GPS Tracker for Your Equipment

Enhance asset visibility and reduce risks. Oyster3 GPS tracker offers unmatched reliability. 

Oyster3 – Revolutionizing Rugged Asset Tracking

The Oyster3 is a revolutionary GPS tracker for equipment, setting new benchmarks in rugged asset tracking. With its endurance powered by 3 AA batteries, this device excels, boasting a lifespan exceeding 10 years, five times that of its predecessor, the Oyster 2. 

Offering high-precision GPS or GLONASS data ensures unmatchable accuracy in asset tracking, empowering seamless monitoring and management and elevating the efficiency of equipment operations.

Efficiency and Power Management

The Oyster3 GPS asset tracker is a revolutionary device that excels in both precise asset tracking and energy efficiency. Its advanced technology enables continuous monitoring of assets in motion, ensuring real-time location accuracy. What sets it apart is its intelligent power-saving mechanism, seamlessly transitioning the device into a low-power sleep mode when assets are stationary.

This feature optimizes battery life without compromising its ability to reactivate swiftly for tracking purposes. The Oyster3 strikes a remarkable balance between GPS asset tracking and efficient power management, making it an ideal choice for extended monitoring without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

gps tracker for equipment
gps tracker for equipment

Enhanced Ruggedness with IP68 Certification

The Oyster3, an equipment GPS tracker, stands out with its rugged IP68-certified housing, ensuring durability in harsh environments. Its robust design enables resilience against adverse conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance in challenging settings. Beyond its precise tracking capabilities, this device boasts enhanced durability, making it adept at withstanding various environmental rigors. 

The Oyster3's resilience ensures it remains operational and dependable, even in extreme conditions, delivering uninterrupted tracking functionalities for equipment across industries. Its ability to endure harsh elements reaffirms its status as a superior equipment GPS tracker built to excel in demanding operational landscapes.

Geotab Integration for Advanced Asset Management

Utilizing Geotab's integrated GPS tracking for equipment unlocks advanced asset management tools. Seamlessly track assets, establish custom rules, receive real-time alerts, and generate detailed reports, all effortlessly accessible via the intuitive Geotab Dashboard. This integrated system empowers users with comprehensive control, allowing precise monitoring and management of equipment locations and activities. 

Geotab's platform merges accuracy with convenience, providing a centralized hub to optimize asset utilization and streamline operations. Embrace the full potential of GPS tracking for equipment, harnessing Geotab's robust functionalities for enhanced asset visibility and efficient management within your operations.

gps tracker for equipment
gps asset tracker

Optimize Asset Usage and Productivity

You can now maximize operational efficiency with the Oyster3 GPS asset tracking system! It enhances business capabilities by monitoring asset usage, mitigating theft risks, and boosting overall productivity. This advanced solution ensures comprehensive visibility into asset movements, enabling proactive measures against potential theft while optimizing resource utilization. Users can elevate operational efficiency by leveraging Oyster3's precise tracking, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and streamline workflows effectively.

Experience the Future of Asset Tracking

With its robust features, the Oyster3 becomes an indispensable tool, safeguarding assets and driving efficiency in your operations through reliable GPS asset tracking.

Unlock a new era of durability, precision, and efficiency for your asset management needs.

Yabby Edge – Innovating the Art of Smart Equipment Trackers

The Yabby Edge distinguishes itself with its advanced features, particularly its recent integration of cellular capabilities. This device represents a leap forward in equipment tracking, offering a great variety of functionalities for precise and reliable asset management. Designed to elevate efficiency in managing assets, the Yabby Edge is a robust solution for businesses seeking high-performance equipment trackers.

The Yabby Edge utilizes innovative cloud-based location solving, a significant advancement over on-device location solving. This system combines indoor/outdoor asset management, scanning Wi-Fi addresses, and leveraging to locate cell towers, ensuring the best GPS tracker for equipment.

Ready to revolutionize your asset tracking? 


Seamless Integration with Geotab

You can integrate the Yabby Edge equipment GPS trackers with Geotab for comprehensive asset management. Track your equipment, establish customized rules, receive real-time alerts, and generate detailed reports all conveniently accessible through the intuitive Geotab Dashboard. This seamless integration ensures streamlined and efficient management of your assets, providing you with actionable

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Precision Tracking and Enhanced Control

GPS tracking with the Yabby Edge's functionalities ensures precision and bolstering inventory control. Experience real-time asset tracking, enabling seamless optimization of usage patterns. 
This solution empowers efficient asset monitoring and management, enhancing
operational effectiveness. With its advanced features and real-time tracking capabilities, the

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Versatility and Adaptability At Its Best

Irrespective of industry or equipment size, the Yabby Edge ensures adaptability and versatility in delivering tracking and management solutions. This device guarantees reliable asset GPS tracking tags customized to your precise needs. Offering adaptability, it seamlessly integrates into diverse operational landscapes, providing precise monitoring and management. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Oyster3 GPS tracker stand out in asset monitoring?

The Oyster3 GPS tracker excels in prolonged battery life, precision tracking, and efficient power management, ensuring uninterrupted asset monitoring in various conditions.

How does the Yabby Edge differentiate itself from equipment trackers?

The Yabby Edge stands out due to its recent cellular capabilities integration and advanced cloud-based location solving, offering precise and reliable equipment tracking solutions.

What advantages does Geotab integration offer for asset management?

Geotab integration allows seamless tracking, rule setting, real-time alerts, and detailed reporting via an intuitive dashboard, and enabling streamlined asset management.