Fleet Management Software

With Dynasty Communication, users have access to everything they need for fleet management software, powered by Geotab.

Fleet management with powerful tools

Dynasty Communications, powered by Geotab, is the foundation for all your telematic needs. By utilizing fleet management software, businesses can improve their decision-making and continue to grow. With MyGeotab, fleets of all shapes and sizes are accommodated, regardless of their size.

Software that is easy to use

You, the user, are the focus of MyGeotab. This software combines all of your data into a user-friendly format. In order to accommodate your needs, MyGeotab is available in seven languages. Dynasty Communications makes it easy to leverage the data to take action to enhance your business by offering uniform measurement units, helpful graphs, and convenient customer support.

Adaptable software

With MyGeotab, you can easily customize key areas like productivity, safety, fleet optimization, compliance, and expandability to better suit your fleet and your needs. Dynasty Communications understands businesses are complex, unique and always changing. The “Rules” feature can be customized simply by selecting an ON/OFF option. Manage how you receive your data with MyGeotab by choosing from a variety of notifications, including emails and pop-ups.


A key aspect of modern business is data visualization, and MyGeotab is built with this in mind. Benchmarking and reports allow you to compare data such as MPG and hard stops. Create tendency lines to analyze the trends of your fleet in the future. To maximize profitability, compare information from different areas, drivers, makes, and models.